Ascenda Massage Therapy blends many techniques into each treatment to achieve the best results. Rather than being constricted to a certain style, treatments are designed to achieve a specific goal.


Athletic individuals will experience decreased muscle soreness, accelerated recovery and healing, decreased chance of injury and improved muscle function. This will all translate into better performance.


The physical imbalances and compensation patterns created by an injury or surgical procedure can successfully be treated with massage therapy. Healing will be faster and optimal function will be restored. Scar tissue formation will also be decreased, along with significantly reduced pain levels. This leads to a speedier and more pleasant recovery.

Health and Healing:

There are a multitude of conditions that impair circulation or decrease tissue health. Massage stimulates circulation, which improves delivery of nutrients and subsequent health of the skin, muscles and surrounding soft tissue. Manipulation and movement of joints improves their health and function, as well as modulating pain, effectively decreasing arthritis symptoms. This will increase the speed of healing that occurs following damage or injury to tissue.

Pain Control:

There are many causes of pain, including injury, tension, poor posture, and stress. Massage stimulates different nerve endings than those that sense pain, effectively “distracting” us from our pain, and relieving it. Furthermore, the increased circulation, improved tissue health and decreased muscle tension will ease irritation to the pain sensitive nerve endings. Specific techniques improve function and increase comfort of the painful area.

Lastly, the time spent in a massage therapy treatment is dedicated to relaxation and stress relief, thereby decreasing tension related pain.

If you have questions about whether massage therapy would be beneficial to your specific painful condition or complaint, please feel free to call and speak to Sara, as well as book your complimentary consultation.