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Sara Stamm, R.M.T

Sara has been practicing since 2008, shortly after her graduation from the WCCMT 3000 hour program. She also has a Bachelor of Health Science Degree, which enhances her knowledge of possible health dysfunctions and navigating the BC health system.

Her own experiences in sports and health contribute greatly to her knowledge and capacity in treating patients. Sara's athletic knowledge and experience ranges from typical recreational sports through body building and competitive CrossFit. Sara spends her free time either pursuing recreational exercise or with her husband and two children. They love to hike, camp and spend long days at the beach in all weather. 

Sara has great success identifying and addressing the cause of a person's discomfort through assessment and design of individual treatment plans. This is effective for all manner of discomfort, from work related repetitive strain or postural complaints, sports or accident related injuries, surgery recovery and general preventative care. She also focusses on providing education and information to each person to allow them to manage and maintain their own health outside of the treatment space. 


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